International Congress Barcelona 2013

Saturday, 07.09.2013
Sunday, 08.09.2013
Monday, 09.09.2013
Tuesday, 10.09.2013
Wednesday, 11.09.2013

Citations should be made in the following way: Authors. Title. Eur Respir J 2013; 42: Suppl. 57, abstract number.

Saturday, 07.09.2013

09:00 - 13:001Primary Care Programme "Asthma management in clinical practice"Symposium
09:30 - 13:002PG5 The small airways in lung diseasesPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:003PG6 Epigenetics of asthma and COPDPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:004PG3 Infections and critical patients: emerging problems and clinical strategiesPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:005PG9 How to optimise antibiotic use in respiratory infectionsPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:006PG2 Imaging in the management of thoracic malignanciesPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:007PG8 How to encourage compliance with therapyPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:008PG7 Tuberculosis: innovations in clinical and public health managementPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:009PG1 Endoscopic lung volume reductionPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 17:3010PG19 Obstructive sleep-disordered breathing throughout childhood: diagnosis, associated morbidity and treatmentPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:0011PG4 How to build an experimental animal lung labPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 17:3012PG20 Cystic fibrosis: an update of the basic defects and clinical problems in CF children and adultsPostgraduate Course
13:00 - 16:4014Fellows' Get TogetherSession
14:00 - 16:0017Sesión conjunta en castellano organizada por la SEPAR (España) y la ALAT (Latinamérica)Symposium
14:00 - 17:3018PG14 Cardiopulmonary exercise testing in the evaluation of patients with respiratory diseasesPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3019PG10 New technology assessment in COPDPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3020PG16 Spirometry knowledge and basic skills (European spirometry training programme)Postgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3021PG12 New insights in gas exchange: physiological aspects and clinical applicationPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3022PG11 NIV in growth areasPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3023PG18 Assessing the health status and quality of life in asthma and COPD patientsPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3024PG17 Diagnostic tests for paediatric pulmonologistsPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3025PG13 Respiratory complications of obese patientsPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3026PG15 An update of invasive staging of the mediastinumPostgraduate Course