Educational Videos of Medical Procedures

The ERS is presenting a series of educational videos demonstrating medical procedures.

See how to do it right!

How to use echocardiography to assess the probability of pulmonary hypertension

An algorithm, derived from the European Society of Cardiology/European Respiratory Society guidelines for the diagnosis and management of pulmonary hypertension (2015).

The multiple faces of Sleep disordered breathing – From clinical assessment to sleep studies

1- How to conduct a clinical assessment of patients with suspected sleep-related breathing disorders (SBD)

2- Assessment : identification of different types of SDB in sleep studies

3- Follow-up treatment

Pleural ultrasound

The educational aims of this video are to understand the basic principles and practical applications of pleural ultrasound.

Pleural echo is indicated to examine the pleura in order to rule out pleural diseases or to identify abnormalities, such as pleural fluid, pleural loculations and adhesions, features of malignant pleural effusions, pneumothorax and pleural masses. In addition, pleural ultrasound should guide pleural interventions, such as thoracocentesis, chest drain insertions, transthoracic biopsies, indwelling pleural catheters and local anaesthetic thoracoscopies, in order to optimise their diagnostic and/or therapeutic yield and minimise complications. A sterile ultrasound probe cover is advisable for these purposes.

IPC insertion

Patients with a pleural effusion that has recurred often suffer from breathlessness and inserting a tube that allows for drainage at home can help with this symptom. This educational video demonstrates how to perform an insertion of an indwelling pleural catheter.

Series on correct inhaler use

Inhaled medication is essential for the treatment of many pulmonary diseases and poor inhalation technique has well-demonstrated detrimental implications for patients. There are many different devices on the market. In this series of videos, the inhalers used serve as examples to illustrate the correct use as well as the most important mistakes.