ERS International Congress, Paris 2018

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Saturday, 15.09.2018
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Sunday, 16.09.2018

07:00 - 08:1537CC1 Lung transplantationChallenging clinical cases
07:00 - 08:1538CC2 Broad spectrum of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertensionChallenging clinical cases
08:30 - 10:3041Lung cancer Grand RoundGrand round
08:30 - 10:3042State of the art session: Airways diseaseSymposium
08:30 - 10:3043New Sepsis Surviving Campaign guidelines: back to the “art of medicine”Symposium
08:30 - 10:3044EUREST-PLUS: implementation of the tobacco control policy to reduce lung diseaseSymposium
08:30 - 10:3045Difficult paediatric lung diseaseSymposium
08:30 - 10:3046ILDs: From bench to bedsideOral Presentation
08:30 - 10:3047Risk stratification in treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertensionOral Presentation
08:30 - 10:3048Organoids and pluripotent stem cellsSymposium
08:30 - 10:3049Respiratory muscles at rest, during exercise and in the critically ill patientSymposium
08:30 - 10:3050Primary care management of respiratory conditionsOral Presentation
08:30 - 10:3051Asthma in children and adults: long-term aspectsOral Presentation
08:30 - 10:3052Prematurity and lung diseaseOral Presentation
08:30 - 10:3053Evolving approaches to differential diagnosisOral Presentation
08:30 - 10:3054Epidemiology and prognostication of critically-ill patientsPoster Discussion
08:30 - 10:3055Paediatric asthma: prevention, diagnosis and treatmentOral Presentation
08:30 - 10:3056The global impact of bronchiectasis and nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM)Poster Discussion
08:30 - 10:3057Occupational and environmental lung diseases: asthma and the airwaysPoster Discussion
08:30 - 10:3058Evaluation of COPD and various diseases by different imaging modalitiesPoster Discussion
08:30 - 10:3059EUS-B and EBUS: optimal utilisation of the EBUS scopePoster Discussion
08:30 - 10:3060Sleep-disordered breathing: cardiovascular consequences, epidemiology, phenotypes and comorbiditiesPoster Discussion
10:45 - 12:4568Imaging Grand RoundGrand round
10:45 - 12:4569State of the art session: Pulmonary vascular diseasesSymposium
10:45 - 12:4570Cournand lecture: new paradigms in extracorporeal lung assistanceSymposium
10:45 - 12:4571Towards understanding and managing chronic coughSymposium
10:45 - 12:4572Dyspnoea: a multidimensional and multidisciplinary approachSymposium
10:45 - 12:4573Imminent global problems in lung cancer require joint action: time for an international alliance!Hot topics
10:45 - 12:4574Mechanisms that underlie exercise limitation in various respiratory diseasesOral Presentation
10:45 - 12:4575Multidisciplinary approach to ground-glass opacitiesSymposium
10:45 - 12:4576Gene-environment interactions in the omics eraSymposium
10:45 - 12:4577Pleural disease: diagnosis, monitoring and managementOral Presentation
10:45 - 12:4578A fresh view on airway differentiation and regenerationOral Presentation
10:45 - 12:4579Cystic fibrosis: microbiological aspects and new treatmentsOral Presentation
10:45 - 12:4580New pharmacological strategies in airway diseasesOral Presentation
10:45 - 12:4581Challenges in treating tuberculosis and nontuberculous mycobacteriaPoster Discussion
10:45 - 12:4582Clinical news in idiopathic interstitial pneumoniasOral Presentation
10:45 - 12:4583Assessing pathophysiology in childrenPoster Discussion
10:45 - 12:4584COPD phenotypes: a1 antitrypsin deficiency and beyondPoster Discussion
10:45 - 12:4585Regenerative and anti-fibrotic approachesPoster Discussion
10:45 - 12:4586Innovative therapies in asthma and COPDPoster Discussion
10:45 - 12:4587Orphan diseases in childrenPoster Discussion
12:50 - 14:4093Physiological and biological insights in asthmaThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:4094Asthma: clinical screening toolsThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:4095Integrated care and non-pharmacological management of COPDThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:4096Nutrition and metabolic syndrome in COPDThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:4097Cardiovascular morbidities in COPDThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:4098COPD around the worldThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:4099Pharmacological management of COPDThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40100Management of bronchiectasis and large airway diseasesThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40101Management of chronic cough and respiratory muscle dysfunctionThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40102What’s hot in rehabilitation in COPD and interstitial lung disease (ILD)?Thematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40103Imaging of various diseases with different imaging modalitiesThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40104Linear and radial EBUS and peripheral nodulesThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40105Pleural interventionsThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40106Primary care management of COPDThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40107Functional genomics and COPD: new challengesThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40108Studying novel biomarkers in asthma and COPDThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40109Identification of therapeutic targets for asthmaThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40110Pulmonary fibrosis: from models to patientsThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40111Pulmonary drug delivery: inhaler use, devices and technologiesThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40112New developments in the treatment of asthmaThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40113Basic pharmacologyThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40114Biomarkers for evaluating COPDThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40115Biomarkers for evaluating asthmaThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40116Translational models of the immunopathology that underlies airway obstructive diseasesThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40117Role of IgE and interleukin (IL)-5 in Th2-cell signaturesThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40118Epidemiology of asthma and allergy: prevalence, incidence and risk factorsThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40119Epidemiology of COPD : from exarcebations and comorbidities to asthma-COPD overlap syndrome (ACOS)Thematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40120Occupational and environmental lung diseases: mechanisms, biomarkers and causationThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40121Occupational and environmental lung diseases: influence on the airway and interstitiumThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40122Tobacco use and cessation interventions in patients with respiratory, cardiovascular and mental health problems and other populationsThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40123Effect of tobacco use on healthThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40124Role of omics in population studiesThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40125The bad and the ugly in paediatric asthma: comorbidities and exacerbationsThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40126Paediatric asthma: new mechanisms and toolsThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40127Cystic fibrosis in adults: current researchThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40128Clinical problems in paediatric pulmonologyThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40129Paediatric bronchologyThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40130Molecular and cellular determinants of the developing lungThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40131Respiratory physiology and measurementsThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40132Acutely hospitalised patients: physiotherapy interventions and assessment methodsThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40133Chronic lung disease : effects of rehabilitation interventions on functional outcomes in patientsThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40134Chronic respiratory disease: respiratory muscle function, breathing exercises and airway clearance techniquesThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40135Chronic respiratory disease : determinants of physical activity in patientsThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40136Chronic respiratory disease: effects of rehabilitation interventions in patientsThematic Poster
12:50 - 14:40137Contemporary respiratory care: symptoms, the role of the nurse and the organisation of careThematic Poster
13:00 - 14:30138Advances in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis treatment, tracheobronchial reconstruction using bioengineering and clinical prediction rules for diagnosing pulmonary embolismLunchtime session
13:00 - 14:15146Interstitial Lung Diseases & Respiratory InfectionsLungs on fire
13:00 - 14:00147ME1 Endoscopic lung volume reduction FULLY BOOKEDMeet the expert
13:00 - 14:00149ME2 Lung microbiome: study design and standardisation FULLY BOOKEDMeet the expert
13:00 - 14:00150ME4 Mucus clearance techniques across respiratory care settingsMeet the expert
14:45 - 16:45164Paediatric Year in ReviewYear in review
14:45 - 16:45165State of the art session: Sleep and breathing disordersSymposium
14:45 - 16:45166Current and evolving tests in lung function: pro/con debateSymposium
14:45 - 16:45168Air pollution and transplantation: near to one's heart and lungs!Symposium
14:45 - 16:45169Interstitial lung disease: an interdisciplinary approachSymposium
14:45 - 16:45170Management of pleural infection in 2018Symposium
14:45 - 16:45171Best abstracts in pulmonary rehabilitation and chronic careOral Presentation
14:45 - 16:45172Cleaning agent exposures: are they really harmful to lung health?Hot topics
14:45 - 16:45173Mitochondrial dysfunction as a driver of lung diseaseSymposium
14:45 - 16:45174On the right path: understanding and improving the function of an overloaded right heart ventricleOral Presentation
14:45 - 16:45175Educational tools to improve your practiceOral Presentation
14:45 - 16:45176Novel immunology-based therapies in asthma and COPDOral Presentation
14:45 - 16:45177Clinical trials in COPD: new resultsOral Presentation
14:45 - 16:45178New insights in the management of chronic respiratory failurePoster Discussion
14:45 - 16:45179Variant forms of asthmaOral Presentation
14:45 - 16:45180Asthma managementPoster Discussion
14:45 - 16:45181Respiratory muscle function, postural control and breathing exercises in chronic respiratory conditionsPoster Discussion
14:45 - 16:45182Systematic reviews on the health effects of emerging tobacco products and electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS)Poster Discussion
14:45 - 16:45183Thoracic surgery, pleural effusions and other general thoracic surgeryPoster Discussion
14:45 - 16:45184Lung cancer: from early diagnosis to modern monitoring strategiesPoster Discussion