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New Sepsis Surviving Campaign guidelines: back to the “art of medicine”

Chairs: M. Schultz (Amsterdam, Netherlands), J. Studdard (United States of America)
Aims: Although Sepsis Surviving Campaign (SCC) guidelines have improved the hospital survival of patients with sepsis over the last few decades, more than a quarter of these patients continue to die in hospital. To improve the treatment of sepsis, this joint ERS/ESICM /SCCM session will highlight the new SCC guidelines, which propose the implementation of precision (individualised) medicine in this field of respiratory and intensive care medicine. These new guidelines state that, while the original SCC evidence-based recommendations are suitable for the majority of typical septic patients, patients with certain specific atypical features may have to be treated with an individualised approach that is based on best practice statements. This session will cover key issues in the management of septic patients (particularly those with pulmonary complications) according to the new SCC guidelines.
Features of the new Sepsis Surviving Campaign guidelines
M. Schultz (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Slide presentationWebcast
Slide presentationWebcast
Fluid resuscitation and haemodynamic support
A. Artigas (Sabadell (Barcelona), Spain)
WebcastSlide presentation
WebcastSlide presentation
Ventilatory strategies in acute respiratory failure
C. Gregoretti (Palermo, Italy)
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WebcastSlide presentation
Stewardship programmes to decrease antibiotic resistance and to improve outcomes
A. Torres (Barcelona, Spain)
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