Tuberculin test

Z. Weiszhár, A. Saranyik, L. Tamasi, I. Horváth (Budapest, Hungary)

Source: Procedure Video 2012
Number: 9


Rating: 3
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Z. Weiszhár, A. Saranyik, L. Tamasi, I. Horváth (Budapest, Hungary). Tuberculin test. Procedure Video 2012

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Member's Comments

Spyridon Karachalios - 03.05.2018 22:05
Very short, explains nothing, maybe a good video for patients but not for doctors, I felt disappointed

Vicky Gerovasili - 16.12.2014 18:36
Positive and Negative not adequately shown. Not all equipment used

Petr Pohunek - 08.02.2014 18:48
Two major errors: 1. Not subcutaneously but intra-dermally. 2. LESS than 10 mm for positive test. Should be withdrawn and commentary reworked.

Reindert P. van Steenwijk - 25.11.2013 16:50
PPD is injected intra-cutaneously not sub. Most difficult is the reading which is not really explained: 2 directions measurement, etc.. The positivity of the test depends on the indication sometimes 2 mm, 5 or 10 and even 15 mm is used

Christian Niels Meyer - 27.04.2012 15:49
to the autors.

1. Please hear the speak in the last sentence "A positive test ...... if LESS than 10 mm". Should this be changed to MORE THAN 10 mm ?
2. The speaked instruction to administer subcutanously; very superficial (sub-epithelial) might be stressed in the speak.
m.r. Dr meyer,

Adriana Sorete Arbore - 18.04.2012 10:11
short and comprehensive video material but when one to measure the diameter o the skin reaction he has to take in account the transversal diameter( verbal presentation but with longitudinal measure image, I think).
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