Cardiopulmonary exercise testing

P. Palange, A. Ferrazza, D. Martolini (Rome, Italy)

Source: Procedure Video 2010
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P. Palange, A. Ferrazza, D. Martolini (Rome, Italy). Cardiopulmonary exercise testing. Procedure Video 2010

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Member's Comments

Helder Novais Bastos - 17.02.2016 23:30
"Data interpretation" should be a larger (more complete) section.

Gloria Maccagni - 08.06.2014 18:05
I would like to have more information about interpretation of the results of CPET

Wedad Nabih - 22.03.2014 06:05
need comments on interpretesion

Tripura Sharma - 24.02.2014 02:14
The videos did not download properly. It was continuously interrupted. I have checked internet speeds at my need and I do nt see any problem.

Wedad Nabih - 06.12.2013 21:04
i need more details about interpretation of the test

Antonio Martinez-Gimeno - 09.09.2013 14:33
Excelent. I miss some words on main variables.

Saadia Ashraf - 05.07.2013 11:11
very good.Cost of apparatus should be mentioned
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