Rigid bronchoscopy and silicone stent placement

H. Dutau (Marseille, France)

Source: Procedure Video 2012
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H. Dutau (Marseille, France). Rigid bronchoscopy and silicone stent placement. Procedure Video 2012

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Member's Comments

Muhammed Noufal Poongadan - 27.09.2018 18:46
It is not working in iPad

Ranjit Kumar Singh - 05.02.2017 09:26
Great work

Milena Encheva - 13.03.2012 22:17
Herve Dutau is my teacher of interventional bronchology. I was training with fellowship of ERS in the Clinic of Thoracic Endoscopy in Marseille, France. He is a brilliant teacher, thanks to which now I’ am applying my knowledge and skills to placing of silicon stents. Excellent presentation!
dr.Milena Encheva, Sofia, Bulgaria
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