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Citations should be made in the following way: Authors. Title. Eur Respir J 2020; 55: Suppl. 65, abstract number.

Chronic respiratory diseases and their origins in early life: how physiology meets clinical medicine

Chairs: A. Simonds (London, United Kingdom), A. Dinh-Xuan (Paris, France)
Aims: To determine the long-term effects of early life factors, such as intrauterine growth restriction, prenatal and postnatal exposure to tobacco smoke and other pollutants, preterm delivery and childhood respiratory illnesses, on the subsequent development of chronic respiratory disease; to evaluate the effectiveness of appropriate preventive and management strategies in reducing the burden of chronic pulmonary diseases; to describe improvements in antenatal and neonatal care that minimise risks to the developing lung and reduce prenatal and postnatal exposure to environmental pollutants, including passive tobacco smoke; to describe lung diseases potentially associated with early life insults; and to emphasise the importance of better education regarding diet, exercise and avoidance of smoking in preserving lung function in susceptible adults.
Early life influences on the development of chronic pulmonary diseases: the role of the paediatrician
G. Davies (London, United Kingdom)
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Early origins of chronic pulmonary disease: the role of the adult pulmonologist
C. Svanes (Bergen, Norway)
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Effects of lung development on pulmonary function tests: from early life to chronic respiratory disease
E. Vrijlandt (Groningen, Netherlands)
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Pulmonary diseases and ageing
M. Faner Canet (Barcelona, Spain)
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