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Emerging and novel imaging biomarkers in drug-induced interstitial lung disease

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Chairs: P. Camus (Dijon, France), N. Chaudhuri (Manchester (Greater Manchester), United Kingdom)
Aims: (i) To explore the current evidence regarding drug-induced lung toxicity, thereby highlighting its growing impact; (ii) to describe the in vivo models that are being used to elucidate the cell and extracellular matrix changes that underlie drug-induced interstitial lung disease (DIILD) and to identify imaging biomarkers for the detection and quantification of DIILD; (iii) to describe the new imaging techniques for assessing interstitial lung disease and their potential usefulness in DIILD; and (iv) to describe the potential clinical uses of molecular probes for detecting, staging and quantifying fibrosis and fibrogenesis.
Drug-induced interstitial lung disease: known knowns and known unknowns
E. Bendstrup (Vejle, Denmark)
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MRI and CT imaging of in vivo models of drug-induced interstitial lung diseases.
I. Mahmutovic Persson (Lund, Sweden)
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Use of MRI for functional and structural assessment of interstitial lung disease
J. Wild (Sheffield (South Yorkshire), United Kingdom)
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Non-invasive molecular imaging of pulmonary fibrosis
S. Montesi (Boston, United States of America)
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