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The lung cancer patient in the intensive care unit

Chairs: J. Timsit (Grenoble, France), B. Grigoriu (Iasi, Romania)
Aims: The audience will learn:
- that prognostive factors for a reasonable decision on intensive care unit treatment to overcome a crisis can be identified on a renewed solid data basis
- intensive care may have a very useful palliative potential for lung cancer patients
- even a successful intensive care treatment may have complex consequences for the patient
- the decision making process always requires a team and professional communication skills.
Medical intensive care for lung cancer patients: better than we thought?
A. Soubani (Detroit, United States of America)
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End-of-life decision-making for lung cancer patients in a critical respiratory situation
S. Nava (Pavia, Italy)
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Ethical considerations and the crucial value of communicative skills
A. Simonds (London, United Kingdom)
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The oncologist’s view of prognosis and intensive care
A.-P. Meert (Brussels, Belgium)
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