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Saturday, 18.09.2010
Sunday, 19.09.2010
Monday, 20.09.2010
Tuesday, 21.09.2010
Wednesday, 22.09.2010

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Sunday, 19.09.2010

08:30 - 10:3036Interventional Pneumology Grand Round - an interactive sessionGrand round
08:30 - 10:3037Interleukin-17 cytokines and Th17 cells in human lung diseaseHot topics
08:30 - 10:3038Nutrition and cancerSymposium
08:30 - 10:3039High-priority questions on airway infections in diseases seen in children and adultsSymposium
08:30 - 10:3040Unravelling the natural history of pulmonary function and COPDSymposium
08:30 - 10:3041The acute right heart syndrome in the intensive care unit: a hidden world?Symposium
08:30 - 10:3042Breathing therapies for asthmaSymposium
08:30 - 10:3043Actual challenges in thoracic surgeryOral Presentation
08:30 - 10:3044Talent competition in rehabilitation and chronic care: best abstract grants 2010Oral Presentation
08:30 - 10:3045Optimising the care and management of patients with COPDOral Presentation
08:30 - 10:3046Fibre-optic bronchoscopy and bronchoalveolar lavage in the treatment of paediatric respiratory diseasesOral Presentation
08:30 - 10:3047Present and future medical management of pulmonary arterial hypertensionOral Presentation
08:30 - 10:3048Stem cells and growth factors in lung injuryOral Presentation
08:30 - 10:3049Paediatric epidemiologyOral Presentation
08:30 - 10:3050Novel approach in diagnosis and treatment of pleural effusionsE-Communication Session
08:30 - 10:3051Cough, airway hyperresponsiveness and asthma controlE-Communication Session
08:30 - 10:3052Adenotonsillectomy and paediatric sleep medicineE-Communication Session
08:30 - 10:3053Immune responses for the diagnosis of tuberculosisE-Communication Session
08:30 - 10:3054Quality management for lung cancer patientsE-Communication Session
08:30 - 10:3055Cell biology and immunology of lung diseaseE-Communication Session
10:45 - 12:4556Ethical Grand Round: an interactive sessionGrand round
10:45 - 12:4557Yernault Lecture followed by Hot Topic "Exercise Testing"Hot topics
10:45 - 12:4558Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome and hypertension: guidelines for investigation and managementSymposium
10:45 - 12:4559Effective oxygen therapy in home care: critical area for improvementSymposium
10:45 - 12:4560Food allergy and asthma: issues and controversiesSymposium
10:45 - 12:4561Alveolar repair: the new frontier in acute lung injurySymposium
10:45 - 12:4562Multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosisOral Presentation
10:45 - 12:4563Cystic fibrosis: new targets for therapy and impact of viral infectionsOral Presentation
10:45 - 12:4564Treatment of lung cancerOral Presentation
10:45 - 12:4565Novel anti-inflammatory agents for airway diseaseOral Presentation
10:45 - 12:4566New mechanisms and markers in human lung cancerOral Presentation
10:45 - 12:4567New insights in the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisOral Presentation
10:45 - 12:4568Asthma and COPD: understanding through monitoringOral Presentation
10:45 - 12:4569Parenchmya and bronchial carcinomaOral Presentation
10:45 - 12:4570Airways and lung mechanics in subjects of all agesE-Communication Session
10:45 - 12:4571Causal factors and mechanisms of outdoor air pollution and nanoparticulatesE-Communication Session
10:45 - 12:4572Diagnostic and therapeutic problems in surgical oncologyE-Communication Session
10:45 - 12:4573Mineral dusts and respiratory diseaseE-Communication Session
10:45 - 12:4574Mechanisms of respiratory infectionsE-Communication Session
10:45 - 12:4575COPD: comorbiditiesE-Communication Session
12:50 - 14:4077Asthma aspect of diagnosis and criteria for follow-upThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4078COPD exacerbationThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4079COPD: systemic inflammation and comorbiditiesThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4080Airway responsiveness, chronic cough and bronchiectasis: a modern approachThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4081Management of sarcoidosis and lung manifestations of systemic diseasesThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4082Rehabilitation: more than just exerciseThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4083Respiratory muscle function and training in acute and chronic respiratory diseaseThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4084Outcomes and predictors of the sucess of pulmonary rehabilitation in chronic respiratory diseaseThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4085Palliative care, oxygen and community care for chronic lung diseaseThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4086Vascular and solitary lesionsThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4087100 years of thoracoscopy: still room for improvement?Thematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4088Are needles enough: the value of different approachesThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4089Rare diffuse lung diseasesThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4090Sarcoidosis: from the bench to the bedsideThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4091Different patterns of interstitial lung diseaseThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4092Different patterns of diffuse parenchymal lung diseaseThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4093Clinical issues in diffuse parenchymal lung diseaseThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4094Pharmacological treatment in primary careThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4095Exercise in healthy and non-respiratory diseasesThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4096Gas exchange and paediatric exercise testingThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4097Nocturnal cardiology: chronic heart failure, acute chest syndrome, coronary artery disease and collagen vascular diseaseThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4098Complex sleep apnoea, opioids, adaptive servoventilation, bilateral positive airway pressure and continuous positive airway pressureThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:4099Sleep disorders: neurology, smoking and daytime sleepinessThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40100Screening for sleep-disordered breathingThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40101Lung disease and mountain sickness: the importance of ventilatory controlThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40102Distortions of the respiratory system in the lung functionThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40103Lung imagingThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40104New diagnostic approaches in respiratory functionThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40105Experimental pulmonary hypertensionThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40106Pathobiology of pulmonary hypertensionThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40107Pulmonary circulation IThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40108Pulmonary circulation IIThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40109Pulmonary circulation IIIThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40110New treatments for asthma and COPDThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40111Bronchodilator treatment for asthma and COPDThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40112Combination therapy in asthma and COPDThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40113Regulation of airway hyperresponsiveness and bronchodilatorsThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40114Regulation of airway pharmacologyThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40115Exhaled biomarkers: smells like diseaseThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40116Asthma: breath biomarkers and asthma controlThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40117COPD: phenotyping and monitoringThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40118COPD: treatment and monitoringThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40119Animal models of asthma and lung inflammationThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40120Mechanisms and modulation of allergic inflammation in the lungThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40121Clinical aspects of asthma and allergic respiratory diseasesThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40122Genetics and risk factors for asthma and COPDThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40123Therapy and health economics of asthma and COPDThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40124Prevalence and incidence of asthma and COPDThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40125Occupational asthmaThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40126Chemical exposures and respiratory effectsThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40127Education for smoking controlThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40128Epidemiological data for smoking controlThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40129Medical educationThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40130Influence of delivery of care on outcome parameters: therapy is more than medication prescriptionThematic Poster Session
12:50 - 14:40131Genetics of obstructionThematic Poster Session
13:00 - 14:15132The European Lung White Book IISymposium
13:00 - 14:15133Clinical Trial "Phenotypes and biomarkers: initial 3-year findings from the Evaluation of COPD Longitudinally to Identify Predictive Surrogate Endpoints (ECLIPSE) Study"Symposium
13:00 - 14:15136The clinical practice of skeletal muscle testing and training in patients with COPDSymposium
13:00 - 14:00142Can we enhance exercise performance in COPD with nutritional support?Meet the Professor
13:00 - 14:00143How I manage severe sepsisMeet the Professor
13:00 - 14:00144Choice of inhaler devices in the outpatient settingMeet the Professor
13:00 - 14:00145Ventilatory strategies in the management of severe hypoxaemic respiratory failureMeet the Professor
13:00 - 14:00146Therapy for pulmonary hypertension: when should it be used and which drugs for which patients?Meet the Professor
13:00 - 14:00147New treatment modalities in cystic fibrosisMeet the Professor
13:15 - 14:15150Practical Workshop: "Assuring optimum alveolar ventilation during nocturnal NIV: the challenges in finding the best ventilator settings"Practical Workshop
13:15 - 14:30151Practical Workshop: "Sleep disordered breathing and heart failure"Practical Workshop
13:15 - 14:15152Practical Workshop: "Management of long-term home mechanical ventilation"Practical Workshop
14:45 - 16:45153Infectious Diseases Grand Round: an interactive sessionGrand round
14:45 - 16:45154Paediatric Year in ReviewHot topics
14:45 - 16:45155Similarities and differences between asthma and COPD: the "Dutch Hypothesis" revisitedSymposium
14:45 - 16:45156Travel for respiratory patients: ELF 10-year jubileeSymposium
14:45 - 16:45157The essentials of aerosol therapy: what the practicing physician should knowSymposium
14:45 - 16:45158Airway sensation: the emerging role of the transient receptor potential (TRP) channelsHot topics
14:45 - 16:45159The lung in haematological disordersSymposium
14:45 - 16:45160Frontiers in sarcoidosis researchHot topics
14:45 - 16:45161Selection criteria in lung cancer surgery: what really changed?Symposium
14:45 - 16:45162News from RCT (randomised controlled trials) and epidemiology in sleep apnoeaOral Presentation
14:45 - 16:45163Acute lung injury and ventilator-induced lung injuryOral Presentation
14:45 - 16:45164Mechanisms of late allograft dysfunction: new insightsOral Presentation
14:45 - 16:45165Medical education: methodologyOral Presentation
14:45 - 16:45166Epithelial cell biologyOral Presentation
14:45 - 16:45167The broad spectrum of bronchoscopyE-Communication Session
14:45 - 16:45168Mechanisms of asthma and lung inflammationE-Communication Session
14:45 - 16:45169Risk factors, prevalence and consequences of COPDE-Communication Session
14:45 - 16:45170Thoracic dynamics and dyspnoea on exerciseE-Communication Session
14:45 - 16:45171Dysfunctional breathing, asthma and respiratory physiotherapy problemsE-Communication Session
14:45 - 16:45172Novel markers of lung injuryE-Communication Session
17:15 - 19:15178Challenges in respiratory disease today: familiar issues, different perspectivesEvening Symposium
17:15 - 19:15186How to improve the level of clinical evidence in orphan lung diseasesEvening Symposium