Development of asthma-related symptoms in mild or moderate COVID-19 patients several months post infection: A descriptive case series from a pneumologist outpatient clinic

M. Marchon (Gurmels/Laupen, Switzerland), A. Stieger (Gurmels/Laupen, Switzerland), S. Wittmer (Gurmels/Laupen, Switzerland)

Source: Virtual Congress 2021 – Long COVID - 19
Session: Long COVID - 19
Session type: E-poster
Number: 1169

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M. Marchon (Gurmels/Laupen, Switzerland), A. Stieger (Gurmels/Laupen, Switzerland), S. Wittmer (Gurmels/Laupen, Switzerland). Development of asthma-related symptoms in mild or moderate COVID-19 patients several months post infection: A descriptive case series from a pneumologist outpatient clinic. 1169

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