Quality of Life in Patients with Sarcoidosis Combined with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

O. Semendyayeva (Donetsk, Ukraine), A. Zeinalova (Donetsk, Ukraine), L. Tsirkovskaya (Donetsk, Ukraine), N. Monogarova (Donetsk, Ukraine)

Source: Virtual Congress 2021 – Moving forward in various aspects of sarcoidosis
Session: Moving forward in various aspects of sarcoidosis
Session type: E-poster
Number: 713

Congress or journal article abstractE-poster

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O. Semendyayeva (Donetsk, Ukraine), A. Zeinalova (Donetsk, Ukraine), L. Tsirkovskaya (Donetsk, Ukraine), N. Monogarova (Donetsk, Ukraine). Quality of Life in Patients with Sarcoidosis Combined with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 713

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