Natural variability in the disease course of SSc-ILD: implications for treatment

Madelon C. Vonk, Ulrich A. Walker, Elizabeth R. Volkmann, Michael Kreuter, Sindhu R. Johnson, Yannick Allanore

Source: Eur Respir Rev, 30 (159) 200340; 10.1183/16000617.0340-2020
Journal Issue: March
Disease area: Interstitial lung diseases

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Madelon C. Vonk, Ulrich A. Walker, Elizabeth R. Volkmann, Michael Kreuter, Sindhu R. Johnson, Yannick Allanore. Natural variability in the disease course of SSc-ILD: implications for treatment. Eur Respir Rev, 30 (159) 200340; 10.1183/16000617.0340-2020

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