A profile of frailty in a population of stable COPD outpatients using supplemental oxygen

R. Keegan (Dublin, Ireland), C. Gleeson (Dublin, Ireland), K. Devenney (Dublin, Ireland), E. O'Shea (Dublin, Ireland), J. Broderick (Dublin, Ireland)

Source: Virtual Congress 2020 – Aspects of pulmonary rehabilitation: part 1
Session: Aspects of pulmonary rehabilitation: part 1
Session type: E-poster session
Number: 2929
Disease area: Airway diseases

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R. Keegan (Dublin, Ireland), C. Gleeson (Dublin, Ireland), K. Devenney (Dublin, Ireland), E. O'Shea (Dublin, Ireland), J. Broderick (Dublin, Ireland). A profile of frailty in a population of stable COPD outpatients using supplemental oxygen. 2929

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