Usefulness of measurement of tobramycin levels in the era of once daily iv-treatment

F. Brinkmann (Bochum, Germany), A. Schlegtendal (Bochum, Germany), S. Dillenhoefer (Bochum, Germany), C. Koerner-Rettberg (Bochum, Germany)

Source: Virtual Congress 2020 – Microbiology and antimicrobial strategies in cystic fibrosis
Session: Microbiology and antimicrobial strategies in cystic fibrosis
Session type: E-poster session
Number: 691
Disease area: -

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F. Brinkmann (Bochum, Germany), A. Schlegtendal (Bochum, Germany), S. Dillenhoefer (Bochum, Germany), C. Koerner-Rettberg (Bochum, Germany). Usefulness of measurement of tobramycin levels in the era of once daily iv-treatment. 691

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