Single-center prospective study on clinical evolution of non-specific pleuritis

F. Mei (Ancona, Italy), M. Bonifazi (Ancona, Italy), L. Zuccatosta (Ancona, Italy), F. Barbisan (Ancona, Italy), M. Sediari (Ancona, Italy), S. Gasparini (Ancona, Italy)

Source: International Congress 2018 – Clinical management of pleural malignancies, including mesothelioma
Session: Clinical management of pleural malignancies, including mesothelioma
Session type: Thematic Poster
Number: 2877
Disease area: Thoracic oncology

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F. Mei (Ancona, Italy), M. Bonifazi (Ancona, Italy), L. Zuccatosta (Ancona, Italy), F. Barbisan (Ancona, Italy), M. Sediari (Ancona, Italy), S. Gasparini (Ancona, Italy). Single-center prospective study on clinical evolution of non-specific pleuritis. 2877

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