An increase in the NET component neutrophil elastase resulted in a decrease in phagocytosis of P. aeruginosa by sputum neutrophils (figure), r-0.74, p=0.01. Phagocytosis failure could be replicated by treating peripheral neutrophils with sputum. Conclusion: Sputum from patients with BE and CF contains mediators that promote NET formation and inhibit phagocytosis of bacteria. ">

Neutrophil extracellular trap formation in peripheral blood and airway neutrophils in bronchiectasis and CF

R. Keir (Dundee, United Kingdom)

Source: International Congress 2017 – Bronchiectasis and NTM infections: epidemiology, phenotyping and therapeutic strategies
Disease area: Airway diseases, Respiratory infections

Congress or journal article abstract

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R. Keir (Dundee, United Kingdom). Neutrophil extracellular trap formation in peripheral blood and airway neutrophils in bronchiectasis and CF. 4062

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