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Sponsored symposia:

Industry Evening Mini Symposium at ERS 2016: “Challenges in the management of non-CF bronchiectasis”

Citations should be made in the following way: Authors. Title. Eur Respir J 2016; 48: Suppl. 60, abstract number.

ERS/French Programme II

Chairs: François Chabot (Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, France), Guy F Joos (Ghent, Belgium)
Aims: This session will focus on new diagnostic tools and therapeutic approaches that will help pulmonologists to treat or prevent respiratory disorders. It will also cover therapeutic aspects in pulmonary hypertension and intensive care medicine. Note that the presentations will be conducted in French with dual projection of slides in French and English.
Target audience: Clinician
Recommandations européennes ERS/ESC pour le diagnostic et la prise en charge de l’hypertension pulmonaireERS/ESC European guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary hypertension
Marc Humbert (Paris, France)
WebcastSlide presentation
WebcastSlide presentation
La diffusion pulmonaire du monoxyde d’azote (DLNO): des recommandations pratiques aux applications cliniquesLung transfer of Nitric Oxide (DLNO): from practical guidelines to clinical applications
Anh Tuan Dinh-Xuan (Paris, France)
WebcastSlide presentation
WebcastSlide presentation
Nouvelles perspectives thérapeutiques dans la tuberculose multi-résistanteNew perspectives in the treatment of MDR-TB
Giovanni Battista Migliori (Varese, Italy)
WebcastSlide presentation
WebcastSlide presentation