Coronavirus webinar series

Coronavirus: Key clinical, epidemiological and research update from China and Europe
Coronavirus nCoV2019 is a novel pathogen which is spreading in an unprecedented way in China and the region. Cases are already arising in Europe and other countries - and it is difficult to predict the full healthcare, social and economic consequences.  Therefore there is a crucial need for respiratory team members to gain knowledge about this pathogen and to prepare an adequate clinical response to the threat.

The ERS, in collaboration with PREPARE EU project and ECDC, have put together a unique resource in this webinar to give to all respiratory team members an update on the virology, epidemiology, clinical consequences and research potential. We are fortunate to have a selected team of renowned experts to:

a) Describe current activity in managing coronavirus in China

b) Discuss epidemiology

C) Discuss relevant clinical trials in providing quick therapeutic responses