INTRODUCTION:Ghrelin is a hormone secreted from neuroendocrine derived cells. Effects of ghrelin on appetite, weight gain and energy balance was shown. Obestatin is a hormone acts as a physiological antagonist of ghrelin. Relation of ghrelin, obestatin levels and ghrelin/obestatin ratio with subjective sleep quality was aimed to investigate.METHOD:39 healthy subjects applied to the study. All of them were assessed with Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and performed anthropometric measurements.Ghrelin, obestatin levels and ghrelin/obestatin ratio were compared for total sleep score and good sleep quality.RESULTS:There was no correlation between total sleep quality score and ghrelin, obestatin levels and ghrelin/obestatin ratio.

Total Sleep Score
GHRELIN pg/ml- 0.1540.35
OBESTATIN ng/ml0.0260.87
People with good sleep quality had no statistically significant difference too.

Sleep Quality
GHRELIN pg/ml2294.12014.30.66
OBESTATIN ng/ml7.98.10.96
There was no significant difference difference between women and men in terms of ghrelin levels and ghrelin/obestatin ratio. Obestatin levels were significantly different between women(10.24±1.83 ng/ml) and men(5.41 males±1.1 ng/ml) (p=0.032).CONCLUSIONS:It has been shown that subjective sleep quality does not affect ghrelin and obestatin levels on healty people without diagnosis of OSAS in our study. In addition; there was no significant correlation between body mass index and ghrelin, obestatin levels and ghrelin/obestatin ratio.
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