Glass wool (GW) is a man made vitreous fibers used for thermal and acoustical insulation. GW may cause a wide variety of different occuputional disease. The foreign body aspiration decreases significantly with increasing age and is rare among occupational diseases. We report a case of foreign body aspiration in patients with an occupational history of glass wool exposure.A 35 year old man was admitted to chest clinic with cough, fatigue and right lower zone pulmonary infiltrates and right costophrenic sinus blunted on the chest radiograph. He had been working as a insulation worker used GW fibers and coating materials for 11 years, without respiratory protection. There was no history of aspiration. He had a 48 packyears smoking history. He had received an oral course of ampicillin sulbactam for 14 days, but had not responded to treatment. Lesions on chest Xray showed progression. Respiratory system examination revealed decreased breath sounds on auscultation. CT of the thorax revealed a consolidation in the right lower lobe associated with right hilum. Fiberoptic bronchoscopy demonstrated a compatible with glass wool material in the basal segment of the right lower bronchus

.The glass wool is usually associated with granulomatous lung disease in the literature. However, we think that foreign body aspiration also needs to be considered in patients with an occupational history of glass fiber exposure.