In recent years, mechanisms of close association with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cardiovascular disease (CVD) have been widely discussed. The leading cause of mortality of patients with mild and moderate stages of COPD is not a respiratory failure, but CVD, e.g. coronary heart disease (CAD) and heart failure.Aim of research: to determine the connection between blood lipid spectrum, endothelin-1, pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A and inflammatory activity in patients with COPD as potential predictors of CAD. The research was conducted at the pulmonary department of Pirogov's Vinnytsia Clinical Hospital. The study involved 89 patients with COPD, all patients were divided into groups according to the GOLD classification and subgroups: patients with isolated COPD and patients with COPD combined with CAD. Detailed analysis of blood lipid spectrum of the patients with COPD with different stage of violation of pulmonary ventilation showed that in all examined groups the lipid profile indicators were higher than normal values. The highest atherogenic lipid components were found in patients with isolated COPD of third stage and with CAD, but significant difference between subgroups was not defined. The comparison of the lipid composition of blood with the C-reactive protein(CRP) criterion of inflammation, showed that the increase of CRP is accompanied by a significant increase of total cholesterol (r = 0,64), low density lipoprotein (r = 0,76), triglycerides (r = 0,45) and atherogenic index (r = 0,65, p <0.05), which leads to a high "lipid burden" on the vascular endothelium and risk of CVD. So, to do a lipid profile and CRP for all patients with COPD is the first step to detect and prevent CAD.