Background: COPD is one of the most important diseases that affect quality of life.Although its effect on central nervous system is well known, but on the peripheral nervous system not well known.Peripheral neuropathy and/or myopathy are known to worsening quality of life of COPD patients Objective: To evaluate the presence of peripheral neuropathy and myopathy in COPD patients. Methods: 40 subjects were included in the study divided into 2 groups, group A included 20 patients with severe COPD and group B included 20 patients with moderate COPD.and 15 healthy subjects as a control group. All patients subjected to clinical assessment. All subjects were subjected to respiratory functions tests, Clinical COPD Questionnaire (CCQ) and neurophysiological examination. Results: 16 patients had peripheral neuropathy. 8 patients had proximal muscle weakness. Patients with neuropathy- myopathy were more hypoxic and hypercapnic. There is significant association between high scores of CCQ and poor quality of life in patients with neuropathy-myopathy. Conclusion: Presence of neuropathy and myopathy added more burden on quality of life on COPD patients.Careful examination of COPD patients for subclinical neuropathy or myopathy is needed for early interference, management and slowing progression of the disease.

Pulmonary functions tests and arterial blood gases in the studied groups.
 Group AGroup BGroup CP-value
*Significant at p<0.01

Ref. Fabbri LM, Luppi F, Rabe KF. Complex chronic co-morbidities of COPD. Eur Respir J. 2008; 31: 204–12.