A clinical scoring algorithm to predict respiratory admissions and mortality in COPD

S. Schembri, W. Anderson, J. Winter, P. Thompson, D. Pettitt, T. MacDonald, J. Winter (Dundee, United Kingdom; NY, United States Of America)

Source: Annual Congress 2007 - Treatment of COPD
Session: Treatment of COPD
Session type: Thematic Poster Session
Number: 595
Disease area: Airway diseases

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S. Schembri, W. Anderson, J. Winter, P. Thompson, D. Pettitt, T. MacDonald, J. Winter (Dundee, United Kingdom; NY, United States Of America). A clinical scoring algorithm to predict respiratory admissions and mortality in COPD. Eur Respir J 2007; 30: Suppl. 51, 595

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