Significant alteration of blood coagulation in high altitude: the Kili study

N. Noiseux, M. Brossard, L. M. Stevens, J. F. Cailhier, M. Pellerin, N. Blais (Montreal, Mississauga, Canada)

Source: Annual Congress 2009 - Novel insights in exercise physiology from cells to humans
Session: Novel insights in exercise physiology from cells to humans
Session type: E-Communication Session
Number: 3118

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N. Noiseux, M. Brossard, L. M. Stevens, J. F. Cailhier, M. Pellerin, N. Blais (Montreal, Mississauga, Canada). Significant alteration of blood coagulation in high altitude: the Kili study. Eur Respir J 2009; 34: Suppl. 53, 3118

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NOISEUX Nicolas - 15.09.2009 10:09
giood job
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