8-year-old boy with chronic cough, recurrent wheezing and rhinorrhea

A. Jung (Davos, Switzerland), C. Bütikofer (Zürich, Switzerland)

Source: Case Report 2009
Number: 2009

CME test or case report

Rating: 3
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A. Jung (Davos, Switzerland), C. Bütikofer (Zürich, Switzerland). 8-year-old boy with chronic cough, recurrent wheezing and rhinorrhea. Case Report 2009

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Member's Comments

Antonio Martinez-Gimeno - 24.02.2010 15:10
The spirometry tracing included in this case does not represent a “combined restrictive-obstructive ventilation disorder” but a typical obstructive pattern (normal FVC, reduced FEV1) with a positive bronchodilator response. Most unusual in this condition, very common in asthma exacerbations. Plethysmography tracings are not informative, except that its technical quality does not seem to be very good, particularly the red one (before bronchodilator administration).

Primary ciliary diskinesia shows a typical epidemiological pattern which makes it easily recognizable: it is extremely common in lectures, case reports, congresses and presentations, but rare in clinical practice. I have attended many more presentations of case reports than real patients in my whole life.

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