Hospital re-admissions and deaths associated with COVID-19 illness: survival analysis

Z. Ali (Telford (Shropshire), United Kingdom), S. Ahmed (Telford (Shropshire), United Kingdom), A. Makan (Telford (Shropshire), United Kingdom), E. Crawford (Telford (Shropshire), United Kingdom), K. Srinivasan (Telford (Shropshire), United Kingdom), D. Dev (Telford (Shropshire), United Kingdom), N. Ahmad (Telford (Shropshire), United Kingdom), H. Moudgil (Telford (Shropshire), United Kingdom)

Source: Virtual Congress 2021 – Emerging evidence on sub-acute and long COVID-19
Session: Emerging evidence on sub-acute and long COVID-19
Session type: Oral Presentation
Number: 4194

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Z. Ali (Telford (Shropshire), United Kingdom), S. Ahmed (Telford (Shropshire), United Kingdom), A. Makan (Telford (Shropshire), United Kingdom), E. Crawford (Telford (Shropshire), United Kingdom), K. Srinivasan (Telford (Shropshire), United Kingdom), D. Dev (Telford (Shropshire), United Kingdom), N. Ahmad (Telford (Shropshire), United Kingdom), H. Moudgil (Telford (Shropshire), United Kingdom). Hospital re-admissions and deaths associated with COVID-19 illness: survival analysis. 4194

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