Utility of Novel Flexible Ultrathin Cryoprobe in the Biopsy of Solitary Pulmonary Nodule

S. Kho (Sarawak, Malaysia), K. Ng (Selangor, Malaysia), N. Huan (Selangor, Malaysia), M. Nasaruddin (Selangor, Malaysia), S. Tie (Sarawak, Malaysia), J. Abdul Rahaman (Selangor, Malaysia)

Source: Virtual Congress 2021 – Convex probe endobronchial ultrasound and radial probe endobronchial ultrasound

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S. Kho (Sarawak, Malaysia), K. Ng (Selangor, Malaysia), N. Huan (Selangor, Malaysia), M. Nasaruddin (Selangor, Malaysia), S. Tie (Sarawak, Malaysia), J. Abdul Rahaman (Selangor, Malaysia). Utility of Novel Flexible Ultrathin Cryoprobe in the Biopsy of Solitary Pulmonary Nodule. 2458

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