Assessment of Nocturnal Hypoventilation by Different Methods and Definitions in Children with Neuromuscular Disease: Oxycapnography and Blood Gas Analysis

Z. Reyhan Onay (Istanbul, Turkey), Y. Ayhan (Istanbul, Turkey), S. Can Oksay (Istanbul, Turkey), D. Mavi (Istanbul, Turkey), G. Bilgin (Istanbul, Turkey), E. Karatoprak (Istanbul, Turkey), S. Girit (Istanbul, Turkey)

Source: Virtual Congress 2021 – Respiratory physiology and breathing during sleep in health and sickness

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Z. Reyhan Onay (Istanbul, Turkey), Y. Ayhan (Istanbul, Turkey), S. Can Oksay (Istanbul, Turkey), D. Mavi (Istanbul, Turkey), G. Bilgin (Istanbul, Turkey), E. Karatoprak (Istanbul, Turkey), S. Girit (Istanbul, Turkey). Assessment of Nocturnal Hypoventilation by Different Methods and Definitions in Children with Neuromuscular Disease: Oxycapnography and Blood Gas Analysis. 978

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