A study of infection latency and  determination of quarantine period in hospital staff with Covid 19

J. T.Kutty (Mumbai (Maharashtra), India), B. Madhav (Mumbai (Maharashtra), India), C. Prakash (Mumbai (Maharashtra), India), N. Patil (Mumbai (Maharashtra), India), D. Dhanwante (Mumbai (Maharashtra), India), D. Revande (Mumbai (Maharashtra), India)

Source: Virtual Congress 2021 – Burden and epidemiology of COVID-19
Session: Burden and epidemiology of COVID-19
Session type: E-poster
Number: 922

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J. T.Kutty (Mumbai (Maharashtra), India), B. Madhav (Mumbai (Maharashtra), India), C. Prakash (Mumbai (Maharashtra), India), N. Patil (Mumbai (Maharashtra), India), D. Dhanwante (Mumbai (Maharashtra), India), D. Revande (Mumbai (Maharashtra), India). A study of infection latency and  determination of quarantine period in hospital staff with Covid 19. 922

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