Risk factors for COVID-19 sickness absence in healthcare staff

D. van der Plaat (London, United Kingdom), D. Coggon (Southampton, United Kingdom), P. Cullinan (London, United Kingdom), R. Edge (Lancashire, United Kingdom), I. Madan (London, United Kingdom), R. Muiry (London, United Kingdom), V. Parsons (London, United Kingdom), M. Van Tongeren (Manchester, United Kingdom)

Source: Virtual Congress 2021 – Burden and epidemiology of COVID-19
Session: Burden and epidemiology of COVID-19
Session type: E-poster
Number: 920

Congress or journal article abstractE-poster

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D. van der Plaat (London, United Kingdom), D. Coggon (Southampton, United Kingdom), P. Cullinan (London, United Kingdom), R. Edge (Lancashire, United Kingdom), I. Madan (London, United Kingdom), R. Muiry (London, United Kingdom), V. Parsons (London, United Kingdom), M. Van Tongeren (Manchester, United Kingdom). Risk factors for COVID-19 sickness absence in healthcare staff. 920

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