Physiological Cost in Daily Life Activities in Lung Cancer

H. Sahin (Ankara, Turkey), M. Saglam (Ankara, Turkey), N. Vardar-Yagli (Ankara, Turkey), K. Kilic (Ankara, Turkey), E. Calik-Kutukcu (Ankara, Turkey), D. Inal-Ince (Ankara, Turkey), S. Kilickap (Ankara, Turkey), M. Saglam (Ankara, Turkey)

Source: Virtual Congress 2021 – Respiratory physiotherapy: e-health, activities of daily living and measurement properties of instruments

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H. Sahin (Ankara, Turkey), M. Saglam (Ankara, Turkey), N. Vardar-Yagli (Ankara, Turkey), K. Kilic (Ankara, Turkey), E. Calik-Kutukcu (Ankara, Turkey), D. Inal-Ince (Ankara, Turkey), S. Kilickap (Ankara, Turkey), M. Saglam (Ankara, Turkey). Physiological Cost in Daily Life Activities in Lung Cancer. 762

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