Saliva as a “patient-friendly” specimen for COPD assessment

A. Sousa (Aveiro, Portugal), S. Melo-Dias (Aveiro, Portugal), C. Valente (Aveiro, Portugal), L. Andrade (Aveiro, Portugal), A. Marques (Aveiro, Portugal)

Source: Virtual Congress 2021 – Novel insights into the pathogenesis of chronic lung diseases
Session: Novel insights into the pathogenesis of chronic lung diseases
Session type: E-poster
Number: 676

Congress or journal article abstractE-poster

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A. Sousa (Aveiro, Portugal), S. Melo-Dias (Aveiro, Portugal), C. Valente (Aveiro, Portugal), L. Andrade (Aveiro, Portugal), A. Marques (Aveiro, Portugal). Saliva as a “patient-friendly” specimen for COPD assessment. 676

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