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Source: ERJ Open Res, 6 (4) 00218-2019-AUT; 10.1183/23120541.50218-2019
Journal Issue: October
Disease area: Pulmonary vascular diseases

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“Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension in Saudi Arabia: preliminary results from the SAUDIPH registry”. Abdullah M. Aldalaan, Sarfraz A. Saleemi, Ihab Weheba, Abeer Abdelsayed, Pekka Hämmäinen, Maha M. Aleid, Fatima Alzubi, Hamdeia Zaytoun and Nadeen Alharbi. ERJ Open Res 2019; 6: 00218-2019.. ERJ Open Res, 6 (4) 00218-2019-AUT; 10.1183/23120541.50218-2019

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