Young Pneumologists in Germany - working conditions in patient care and science

T. Bahmer (Kiel, Germany), J. Wälscher (Essen, Germany), C. Fisser (Regensburg, Germany), T. Schreiber (Solingen, Germany), M. Koch (Regensburg, Germany), M. Raspe (Berlin, Germany)

Source: Virtual Congress 2020 – How to overcome deficiencies in skills in bedside training by virtual tools and simulation- where do we go?
Disease area: Airway diseases, Respiratory critical care

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T. Bahmer (Kiel, Germany), J. Wälscher (Essen, Germany), C. Fisser (Regensburg, Germany), T. Schreiber (Solingen, Germany), M. Koch (Regensburg, Germany), M. Raspe (Berlin, Germany). Young Pneumologists in Germany - working conditions in patient care and science. 4163

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