Eligibility for Lung Volume Reduction in patients with COPD attending Pulmonary Rehabilitation

S. Buttery (London, United Kingdom), A. Lewis (London, United Kingdom), S. Kemp (London, United Kingdom), J. Quint (London, United Kingdom), M. Steiner (Leicester, United Kingdom), N. Hopkinson (London, United Kingdom)

Source: Virtual Congress 2020 – Challenging issues in thoracic surgery
Session: Challenging issues in thoracic surgery
Session type: Oral Presentation
Number: 4096
Disease area: Airway diseases

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S. Buttery (London, United Kingdom), A. Lewis (London, United Kingdom), S. Kemp (London, United Kingdom), J. Quint (London, United Kingdom), M. Steiner (Leicester, United Kingdom), N. Hopkinson (London, United Kingdom). Eligibility for Lung Volume Reduction in patients with COPD attending Pulmonary Rehabilitation. 4096

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