The influence of inhalation flow and aerosol size on deposition: modelled vs. clinical data

L. Tolboom (Enschede, Netherlands), W. De Kruijf (Enschede, Netherlands), F. De Jongh (Enschede, Netherlands)

Source: Virtual Congress 2020 – Asthma inhalers: devices and adherence studies
Session: Asthma inhalers: devices and adherence studies
Session type: E-poster session
Number: 3186
Disease area: Airway diseases

Congress or journal article abstractE-poster

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L. Tolboom (Enschede, Netherlands), W. De Kruijf (Enschede, Netherlands), F. De Jongh (Enschede, Netherlands). The influence of inhalation flow and aerosol size on deposition: modelled vs. clinical data. 3186

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