A set of microRNA markers of active tuberculosis.

V. Evstifeev (Moscow, Russian Federation), G. Shepelkova (Moscow, Russian Federation), A. Ergeshova (Moscow, Russian Federation), A. Guskov (Moscow, Russian Federation), M. Bagirov (Moscow, Russian Federation), V. Yeremeev (Moscow, Russian Federation)

Source: Virtual Congress 2020 – Diagnostic challenges in tuberculosis
Session: Diagnostic challenges in tuberculosis
Session type: E-poster session
Number: 536
Disease area: Respiratory infections

Congress or journal article abstractE-poster

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V. Evstifeev (Moscow, Russian Federation), G. Shepelkova (Moscow, Russian Federation), A. Ergeshova (Moscow, Russian Federation), A. Guskov (Moscow, Russian Federation), M. Bagirov (Moscow, Russian Federation), V. Yeremeev (Moscow, Russian Federation). A set of microRNA markers of active tuberculosis.. 536

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