COVID-19: Potential impact on asthma patients

Guy Brusselle (Ghent, Belgium), Antonio Spanevello (Milan, Italy), Stephanie Ayre (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom)

Source: ERS Webinar 2020: COVID-19: Potential impact on asthma patients
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Disease area: Airway diseases

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Guy Brusselle (Ghent, Belgium), Antonio Spanevello (Milan, Italy), Stephanie Ayre (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom). COVID-19: Potential impact on asthma patients. ERS Webinar 2020: COVID-19: Potential impact on asthma patients

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Member's Comments

Yanerys Colon-Cortes - 22.05.2020 15:39

Excellent presentation and thanks for citing a few studies in children.

Oleksandr Mazulov - 07.05.2020 12:21
excellent presentation
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