Influencing factors on changes of ICU family members satisfaction

D. KIM (Seoul, Republic of Korea), S. Kang (Seoul, Republic of Korea), H. Choi (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), C. Choi (Seoul, Republic of Korea), Y. Kim (Seoul, Republic of Korea), H. Choi (Seoul, Republic of Korea), J. Lee (Seoul, Republic of Korea)

Source: International Congress 2019 – Recent developments in intensive care unit medicine
Session: Recent developments in intensive care unit medicine
Session type: Thematic Poster
Number: 4009
Disease area: -

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D. KIM (Seoul, Republic of Korea), S. Kang (Seoul, Republic of Korea), H. Choi (Edinburgh, United Kingdom), C. Choi (Seoul, Republic of Korea), Y. Kim (Seoul, Republic of Korea), H. Choi (Seoul, Republic of Korea), J. Lee (Seoul, Republic of Korea). Influencing factors on changes of ICU family members satisfaction. 4009

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