Interleukin-6 affects the control of breathing

A. Sotiriou, M. Dettoraki, G. Kastis, I. Rentziou, G. Priona, C. Roussos, T. Vassilakopoulos (Athens, Greece)

Source: Annual Congress 2007 - Cardiovascular and respiratory control in obstructive sleep apnoea
Session: Cardiovascular and respiratory control in obstructive sleep apnoea
Session type: Thematic Poster Session
Number: 2042
Disease area: Sleep and breathing disorders

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A. Sotiriou, M. Dettoraki, G. Kastis, I. Rentziou, G. Priona, C. Roussos, T. Vassilakopoulos (Athens, Greece). Interleukin-6 affects the control of breathing. Eur Respir J 2007; 30: Suppl. 51, 2042

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