Progressive dyspnea with chronic cough in a smoker

V. Sharma, I. Sekh, D. Harsha, A. Bhat (Mangalore, India)

Source: Case report 2017
Number: 2017

CME test or case report

Rating: 4
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V. Sharma, I. Sekh, D. Harsha, A. Bhat (Mangalore, India). Progressive dyspnea with chronic cough in a smoker. Case report 2017

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Member's Comments

haitham emad - 05.01.2019 11:41
nice case

Krishna Prasad - 16.11.2017 17:26
Its good module , though errors like Spirometry (which should have been the contraindication ) come up as wrong answer. Plus Bronchoscopy picture doesnt load up.

Vinod Babulal Chavhan - 05.06.2017 11:52
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