26 year old female presenting with miliary shadows on a chest X-ray

R. Vadala, L. Fernandes, A.M. Mesquita (Gurgaon, India)

Source: Case report 2015
Number: 2015

CME test or case report

Rating: 4.5
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R. Vadala, L. Fernandes, A.M. Mesquita (Gurgaon, India). 26 year old female presenting with miliary shadows on a chest X-ray. Case report 2015

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Member's Comments

Rossella D'Amato - 27.05.2019 10:29
I do not agree that tuberculosis is first diagnosis to suspect in this case based on first clinical and radiological findings.

Ioannis Athanasopoulos - 28.10.2017 13:31
Interesting case, though pretty typical pattern on CT scan for LHC

Hemant K. Kulkarni - 29.06.2015 09:01
Nice presentation

Benyebka Mammar - 25.06.2015 16:54
very interested

Khaled Hafsa - 19.06.2015 18:45
typical case for histitiocytose x particularly since the pno happening
very good illustration typical case
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