A 45 year old farmer with cough and chest pain

S. Paul, S. Kundu (Kolkata, India)

Source: Case Report 2014
Number: 2014

CME test or case report

Rating: 4
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S. Paul, S. Kundu (Kolkata, India). A 45 year old farmer with cough and chest pain. Case Report 2014

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Member's Comments

Joanna Miłkowska - Dymanowska - 23.09.2018 19:04
Case is ok

Andreas Fazekas - 18.08.2014 14:50
Xray contains patients name

Lycely Calderon Dongo - 09.07.2014 11:58
God case.

Duneesha De Fonseka - 12.06.2014 17:48
good interactive case. Important signs on radiology highlighted
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