Chronic cough in a 85 year old female

V. Sharma, N. Anupama, D. Harsha, S. Rahul, J. Basavaraj (Mangalore, India)

Source: Case Report 2013
Number: 2013
Disease area: Airway diseases

CME test or case report

Rating: 4
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V. Sharma, N. Anupama, D. Harsha, S. Rahul, J. Basavaraj (Mangalore, India). Chronic cough in a 85 year old female. Case Report 2013

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Member's Comments

James Wingfield Digby - 08.05.2017 23:23
interesting case

Besim Morina - 20.09.2014 09:54
Good Case.

Aristotelis Anagnostis - 16.09.2014 17:13
very good!

Mirko Jakovcev - 29.05.2014 19:41
Very good.

Blanca De Vega Sanchez - 11.05.2014 17:41

Ziaudeen Ansari - 16.02.2014 19:13
Good case and important learning point that EBTB can mimic Malignancy on Bronchoscopy.

Hector Verea Hernando - 14.02.2014 12:28
An interesting case that demonstrates the importance and interest to study in detail the elderly patients

Hamdan Abu Albasher - 13.02.2014 21:04
A common case and usually missed as a cancer patient, Thank you for this great info and discussion.

Basavaraj Sangolli - 05.02.2014 17:58
Excellent case and good discussion.
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