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Panel discussion: What’s NEW in the 2022 ERS/ATS PFT Interpretation Statement
Source: ERS webinar 2023

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Year: 2023

A 62-year-old man with scanty mucoid sputum
Source: Case report 2022
Year: 2023

WHO Training for primary care providers: brief tobacco interventionsWHO
Source: WHO e-Learning course
Year: 2019

Skills-based Simulator Training in Non-Invasive Ventilation
Source: Simulator
Year: 2013

Panel discussion: Targeted immunomodulation in airway epithelium to treat pneumonia
Source: ERS webinar 2023
Year: 2023

Non-Invasive Ventilation Made Simple
Source: Breathe 2015; 11: 315
Year: 2015

Imaging of complicated pneumonia: what is new?
Source: ERS webinar 2022
Year: 2022

European Respiratory Society Guidelines for the Diagnosis of Asthma in Adults
Source: Guideline 2022
Year: 2022

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Barcelona 2022ERS International Congress 2022

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Virtual 2021ERS Lung Science Conference 2022 - Mucosal immunology of the lung: balancing protective immunity and chronic inflammation

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SpirXpertSpirXpert - free access

This open-access website aims at promoting the understanding of respiratory physiology and pathophysiology, with emphasis on the measurement and interpretation of spirometric test results.
SpirXpert was created and managed for many years by Professor Philip H Quanjer. ERS has now taken over hosting the site and will continue to maintain it as a free and open-access resource for future generations.


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