Lung Volume Tools

The GLI reference equations for static lung volumes conducted as part of a European Respiratory Society Task Force are now available.

The technical statement has been endorsed by the European Respiratory Society, the American Thoracic Society, Australian and New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science, Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand, the Pan African Thoracic Society and the Latin American Thoracic Society.

The aim of the study was to develop the Global Lung Function Initiative (GLI) all-age multi-ethnic reference equations for static lung volume indices from body plethysmography and gas dilution techniques in healthy individuals (never smokers, no history of respiratory disease). Data from non-European ancestry populations were insufficient to develop multi-ethnic equations, thus the current equations are limited to individuals of European ancestry. Similar to the GLI spirometry and TL,CO projects, reference values were derived using the LMS method and GAMLSS program in R. A total of 7,190 observations from 17 centres in 11 countries were used to define the reference values. Sex-specific reference equations for individuals of European ancestry aged 5 to 80 years were derived for total lung capacity (TLC), forced residual capacity (FRC), residual volume (RV), inspiratory capacity (IC), vital capacity (VC), expiratory reserve volume (ERV), and RV/TLC.