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ERS/EAACI statement on adherence to international adult asthma guidelines

Statements and technical standards
Aims: To recite the findings of an ERS/EAACI task force that: 1) Evaluated the understanding of and adherence to international asthma guidelines by health professionals of different specialties; 2) Assessed the effectiveness of strategies aimed at improving implementation of guideline recommendations; and 3) Compared guidelines adherence and treatment outcomes in patients managed by specialists (respiratory physicians or allergists) or generalists (internists or general practitioners); to identify the clinical benefits of optimal adherence to adult asthma clinical practice guidelines and will describe the most effective methods for achieving optimal adherence in different treatment settings, including multifaceted quality improvement projects and standardized pathways and thresholds for referral for specialist input.
ERS/EAACI statement on adherence to international adult asthma guidelines
A. Mathioudakis (Stockport, United Kingdom)