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Exercise and sleep: from impaired function to new therapeutic strategies

Chairs: A. Simonds (London, United Kingdom), A. Dinh-Xuan (Paris, France)
Aims: To describe interactions between sleep and exercise from healthy subjects to patients; to evaluate the effects of exercise testing and training on several important pathophysiological mechanisms associated with sleep disorders; and to describe the use of physical activity and exercise as parts of a multi-component individualised strategy to manage sleep disorders.
Exercise responses in patients with sleep apnoea
L. Grote (Göteborg, Sweden)
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Sleep and exercise: a bidirectional relationship
P. Arnal (Paris, France)
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Blood pressure and exercise in sleep apnoea
M. Bonsignore (Palermo, Italy)
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Physical activity and exercise training as therapeutic interventions for sleep apnoea
M. Mendelson (Grenoble, France)
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